Prayer: There is a moment between sleep and awakening

index.jpgBy Michael Boucher

There is a moment between sleep and awakening
When the dream world makes itself available
For us to deeply remember
What it is we need to know

Original instructions
On how to be human
On how to be in creation
On how to risk
On how to care for one another
On how to find joy

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Empire Cracking: An Interview on Spiritus Christi

spiritusThis interview was taken by Lydia Wylie-Kellermann as part of a writing project for Geez Magazine entitled “She is Breathing: Listening for Another World and an End to Empire.” It was published in the Winter Issue.

Lydia Wylie-Kellermann:What is Spiritus Christi’s story?

Michael Boucher: What happened at Spiritus Christi in 1998 is often narrated as the community of then Corpus Christi Church moving away from the wider church teachings.  The question always arises, however, “Who moved away from the tradition?” Continue reading