Why Did She Wait?

Ruby SalesAnother post from the front porch of Ruby Sales (September 17, 2018):

Republicans ask with hypocritical self righteousness that if Christine Ford’s allegation that charges Kavanaugh with sexual terrorism and attempted rape is true why did she wait thirty six years to go public?

She remained silent for the same reasons that thousands of women did not speak out. We lived in a White male patriarchy that blamed women and dismissed us as aggressive sexual predators and whores for sexual crimes against us. Sadly even women internalized this view and believed that we provoked men to commit these acts against us.

This climate made women disassociate or repress the assaults in shame or fear of being targets of public ridicule.

For Republicans to ignore this history is another example of their moral decadence and big White lies.

I want to say that I was sexually assaulted and like women and girls of my generation remained silent not even telling my best friend. I only began to publicly break my silence a couple of years ago for fear of consequences for me and my family. So despite my level of consciousness I too carried the shame and blame that Women and girls carried from speaking out. I simply repressed the experience and moved on.

One thought on “Why Did She Wait?

  1. Debbie

    In today’s mixed up world – practicing homosexuals are told they do not have to repent because God made them that way – but WHTE people – get on your knees and pray that God will forgive you for the great sin of being born white. I was brought up to love all glorious skin colors. God made us all. You are being distracted. Name it what you will. Political ideologies were put in place to divide us. We have to get beyond this deception and distraction. If one can not understand who they are in Christ – they will not be free from the world’s way of separating us. God ordained male leadership. Has it been abused? Yes. Have many males abandoned their God given authority? Yes and that is just as wrong – as is feminism. The Bible is our standard – not a political party’s agenda. Where does this strong allegiance to a political party come from? This is not God’s will. We should be team Jesus. Not team whatever political party. If we are children of God – everything else is secondary or unimportant. I can see you have bitterness for the wrongs done against you. But in Christ, you can be freed from those things that haunt you. The fact that you are a child of God is primary. What can come close in importance? We are living in the end days and true believers are about to be raptured out of this evil world. It is not easy to forgive but it is required for our own benefit, and don’t forget, God is just and His judgment will be perfect. We can not make this world perfect. We can not right the wrongs by attacking others based on their skin color or gender or political affiliation. Things are getting out of control through Satan’s plans to cause division and hatred. He is using many methods but it is up to us as believers to engage with discernment given to us by the Holy Spirit. We have to focus on what is important and that is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and being obedient to Him, not a political agenda and the social gospel. Jesus Christ is coming soon. Look up for your redemption draws nigh. I for one can’t wait to be out from under the god of this world and his ability to cause dissention between brothers and sisters in Christ. It is ugly but it makes us understand that this world is not our home. Praise God.

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