A Logical Outgrowth

RubyAnother throw down from the front porch of Ruby Sales (originally https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fruby.sales.1%2Fposts%2F2390576024310162&width=500“>posted February 23, 2019):

What does it say about White Americans that they see Donald Trump as a viable candidate despite all of the spiritual decay and social rot gut that surround him. He degrades the office of the presidency with degrading, threatening and dehumanizing speech, conspires with Putin against his country to erode the pillars of democracy, upholds sexual and racial crimes and policies, film flams ordinary people and sells America to the highest bidders.

For White Americans to see Trump as a viable President and candidate is a problem in White culture that speaks volumes about the social death and spiritual nihilism that grip them. Moreover Trump is a logical outgrowth of hundreds of years of a culture of Whiteness where its guardians and beneficiaries have feasted and waxed fat not on only these malformations but on the lives, labor and bodies of Black and Brown peoples always and women sometimes.

One thought on “A Logical Outgrowth

  1. Oscar (Oz) Cole-Arnal

    You’ve done it yet again, Sister Ruby! It is far too easy to focus on Donald Trump, as awful a he is, & by such a “whitewash” avoid the American soil of slavery, genocide & imperial arrogance (that Pax Americana of American exceptionalism you rightly describe as “whiteness”). As part of tat demographic, I too must repent–but in the Biblical sense of turning our lives in the direction of racial & gender justice & not simply that-all-too-easy breast-beating.

    God bless your “front porch” wisdom,

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