The Guardians of Whiteness

RubyFrom the Front Porch of Ruby Sales.

*Originally posted to social media on July 1, 2019.

This morning as I hear the press legitimizing Trump’s lies as truth, it occurs to me that it is time for the prayer warriors to offer an intervention. May we pray for the soul healing of White Americans so that they love themselves enough to end the reign of White sociopaths who for centuries have carried out a cocktail of interlocking socio-spiritual abuse to contain White resistance. May we pray that they learn to love their authentic selves and remove years of self-loathing that spills over in anger and transference towards Black and Brown peoples. May we pray that they replace non-redemptive anger with redemptive anger that gives them the will and reason to confront the real abusers.

This is a meditation on gaslighting as a tool of abuse that powerful White men use to keep ordinary White people in state of chronic mental chaos and devoid of self esteem.

The guardians of Whiteness are experts at maintaining their power and White unity with a culture of abuse that feeds on gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a key element of psychological abuse and is defined as a form of persistent manipulation and brainwashing that causes the victim to doubt her or himself, and ultimately lose her or his own sense of perception, identity, and self-worth.

It is a deadly form of emotional abuse.

While gaslighting is like other forms of emotional abuse it differs insofar as a greater degree of dishonesty and deceit prevails. The abuser creates false memories and false perceptions to provoke mental instability in his victim.

The guardians of Whiteness are chronic manipulators and emotional abusers who gaslight ordinary White Americans with historical lies that hide an unbroken and predatory history of exploitation by manipulating their aspirations and desire to matter by reducing them to objects who maintain the power of White rulers and leaders. They sinisterly use the Lie of Whiteness to hide class and other differences thereby erasing White memory of differences. This is a severe and dehumanizing form of spiritual and historical ethnic cleansing and dismemory which leaves ordinary White people devoid of an authentic self or healthy egos except what their abusers give them. Without memory ordinary White people lose a real sense of reality about themselves, others and the nature of the world that they create.

Having robbed ordinary White peoples of self esteem and self worth, the White abusers fabricate White lies of exceptionality, goodness, benevolence and superiority. These false traits form the White identity which is devoid of the reality of history. Ultimately it strips ordinary White peoples and makes them a pale image of themselves.

Another aspect of gaslighting that the guardians use to abuse White Americans is the fabrication of an unsafe world where Black and Brown others pose a danger to White life, rights and security. This tactic isolates White people from experiences that challenge these lies about dangerous others as well as create an unhealthy dependence on the abusers.

These are just a few observations of the history of the abuse of White ordinary people by guardians of Whiteness that have devastated the perceptions and stability of the White masses.

It is very sad that this history continues to erode White self esteem and their belief in their ability to go toe to toe with Black and Brown people without cheating or resorting to violence and other acts of abuse thereby continuing cycles of abuse.

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