The Evidence Will Show

Kingsbay 7From Ellen Grady, reporting from Georgia on behalf of the Kingsbay Plowshares 7:

Verdict in. In this Federal court in Georgia all 7 were found guilty of all your charges. In this Federal court in Georgia the trident submarine and all weapons of mass distraction are legal. In this federal court in Georgia the planning for the destruction of the world is legal.

From the conclusion of Clare Grady’s testimony in court this week:

The evidence and my testimony will show that on the night of April 4 /5 the 7 of us undertook a non-violent symbolic act of disarmament of the Trident Weapons System.

The evidence will show, that our actions were taken in a good faith attempt to uphold the law, and in a spirit of love and responsibility.

The evidence will show that it is my deep love of God and all of God’s creation, that hangs in the balance with the reality of nuclear weapons.

And that it is that deep love that brought me to Kings Bay.

The evidence will show that we brought a banner to our action, declaring that nuclear weapons are illegal and immoral.

The evidence will show that we took full responsibility for our actions, accepting arrest and trial, not because we thought we were guilty, but because we believed our act was necessary to prevent unspeakable destruction and suffering caused by the Trident nuclear weapons system, the most deadly weapons system.

Or testimony will show that our understanding of the supreme laws of our land, reflect the basic tenets of our religious beliefs, that we HUMANS are here to protect and defend God’s creation, and not destroy it.

The evidence will show that our act of nonviolent symbolic disarmament was an informed act seeking to uphold the highest call to love one another and uphold the highest law of the land.

Thank you for your attention.

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