’Til Earth Receive Her Rest

KenBy Ken Sehested, new lyrics to “Amazing Grace,” inspired by Luke 18:9-14

Kyrie, kyrie, eleison
Let mercy magnify
May all my days reflect thy praise
And earth and heav’n reply

Let nothing justify my way
Save grace, unmeasured still
Let every hour reflect thy power
And life with love instill

Two entered in the house of prayer
One anguished, one in pride
Claimed one: sufficient is my cause
I hath no need beside

The other, heart undone, no claim
Could make on vain accord
“My breast doth beat, with me entreat
with graciousness, O Lord.”

Establish, then, thy Reign of Peace
With justice manifest
Unravel all deceit—and shame!—
‘til earth receive its rest.

—Ken Sehested is curator of prayerandpolitiks.org, an online journal at the intersection of spirtual formation and prophetic action.

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