Blessing Liz McAlister

LizMcalisterArrest2001This morning at 9am Elizabeth McAlister will be the first to be sentenced for her action as part of the Kings Bay Plowshares.

The sentencing itself will take place with a video conference at 9am tomorrow. An audio link is provided by the court for public to listen. Dial 1-888-684-8852, enter the call access code 2296092 and enter the security code 1234.

Last night community gathered over zoom to hold a blessing and liturgy in preparation. Here is the closing blessing for Liz by Bill Wylie-Kellermann.

In the name of the One who creator and sustainer of life; the One who is Lord and servant of all creation; and the Spirit that calls us together as one, let this blessing be.

Friends, I invite you to extend your hands – either toward the screen,

or if you can orient yourself in the 4 directions, toward  – New London CT

We have already invoked the ancestors and saints,

the intercessors, the whole company of heaven.

They too extend their hands, toward Liz and toward us all,

but I want to name a few names among that communion….Phillip

Anne, Elmer, Peter, Judy, Jackie, Joe and Jean, Larry, Tom, Agnes, Daniel…more.

Pray for us, and with us now:

Liz McAlister: We love you.

It is you who have blessed us;

out of Jonah, you have mothered a movement;

generations of nonviolent resisters will call you blessed;

you have remembered the mercy of the gospel,

and the strength of God’s arm to even now

bring down the mighty from their thrones.

You have blessed us with the apostolic work of courage, the duty of delight,

with fearless discernment and the disciplines of hope.

We, in turn, bless you this night, beneath this summer moon.

May the beatitudes of Jesus fall upon you:

Peacemaker, child of God;

Yearning for righteousness so bad you can taste it – be filled

Prosecuted for justice sake, rejoice and be glad, dear sister.

O Steadfast Love, who fills and rules the moral universe,

Who bends its arc, by the power of nonviolent love, toward justice and peace,

Stand with our sister, yet again this morrow, in the dock before the Powers;

May your Spirit grant her the silence of the heart’s deep

or by your freedom, new utterance of truth.

Bless her as she stands by the Kingsbay liturgy, by the deed, by the community,

as she proclaims with her mere presence, the gospel.

Even as she is blessed to witness now this time of great uprising,

Grant, O God, that she may see, and we with her,

that day, the full unmaking of these weapons.

The Trident, the triplets, the Power of Death itself, falling like a tear.

So all that remains is love, from end to beginning, from beginning to end. Amen.






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