Which Side Will We Be On?

By Lindsay Airey

White folks, how will we drain the poison from our communities?


Take the assault on Black Life personally, be mobilized to grief and rage that takes action?

Get at least as passionate & dedicated to rooting out the cancer of white supremacy as many of us get devoted to fighting the biological cancers that take our loved ones?

Protect & fight for the rights & dignity of our siblings being unaccountably targeted, imprisoned, displaced & massacred like we fight for our own families, our own children?

Where are the suburban Mama Bears willing to go to the mat for Black Life (& for the souls of white children)?

The silence & callousness to the cries of those being crucified by our nation is loud. And it is eating away at our souls.

Which side will we be on?

Which relationships, social standings, securities, and ill-gotten privileges/protections are we willing to sacrifice to join the other team?

To demand, and build, a more just world?

To work toward the chance at a livable & just future for our children & future generations?

Jesus is weeping.

And turning over tables.

And calling out white-washed tombs.

And (also…still?) offering Nicodemus a chance at redemption.

Will we heed the call?

Will we recognize it in the face of Black Life in America?

May God open our eyes to see, mobilize our bodies to turn a different way, and convict our spirits to show up for Black Life…and keep showing up. Until the killing stops.

Lindsay Airey is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the co-director of Kardia Kaiomene, a community-sponsored non-profit committed to the work of soul accompaniment. This ministry of mutuality moves on radical friendship, intentional gathering and the written word. Lindsay was born and raised on stolen Acjachemen land (Southern California) and now lives in Detroit, Michigan, land that the Fox, Peoria, Anishinabe, Miami, Mississauga and Potawatomi people tended for thousands of years.

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