The Freedom Prayer

young black walking
Delivered by Rev. Melanie S. Morrison
at the Day of Remembrance & Call to Action
November 12, 2014, Freedom Plaza, Washington DC


O Holy One, known by many names,
I am who I am
Forgiving Love
Fertile Darkness
Fiery Freedom
Liberator of the Oppressed
Lover of All Peoples

As we gather remembering your holy names,
may we also remember that this is holy ground.
For we sense your presence winging near.

This is holy ground where, 46 years ago, Dr. King and the Poor People’s Campaign erected “Resurrection City,” and called on this nation to make good on the promises of democracy and economic justice.

This is holy ground, for today we come giving voice to our grief, our rage, our love, and our unceasing cry for freedom.

Freedom from racial profiling…
Freedom from police harassment…
Freedom from state sanctioned violence…

O, God of Abraham and Sarah,
God of Jesus and Mary,
God of Sojourner and Frederick,
God of Martin and Malcolm,
God of Ruby and Jonathon,
God of Sabrina Fulton and Lesley McSpadden…

We give thanks for all the ancestors
who’ve held fast to the dream of freedom,
speaking truth to power,
in the face of unspeakable violence.

We pray that you touch and fill each one present here today with your unquenchable spirit.

We pray that your mighty Spirit shake the halls of power and rouse our leaders from indifference.

For today is the acceptable time,
the year of your favor.

Now is the hour of liberation.

Not tomorrow, not someday, now.

You need us now to be lovers of freedom and doers of justice. Not tomorrow, not someday, now.

Fill us with unshakeable resolve and passionate urgency.

For the freedom journey is long
and we know it can be treacherous,
but with your presence, O God,
guiding and upholding us, we can stay the course.

Not resting until freedom comes.
Not resting until police murders cease.

Not resting until justice is served.
Not resting until every child can safely walk the streets of this nation.

O God, we call upon you:
Renew our strength,
that we may mount up with wings of eagles,
run and not be weary,
walk and not faint,
as we hold high the flame of freedom.
In your holy name, we pray, Amen.

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