No churchbells here

94240524_246901160023028_5591200460431163392_oa poem for Day House in these days of missing our Sunday evening living room mass
By Kateri Boucher

No churchbells here
this morning
but a doorbell,
and it sure is

No wafers,
but hands outstretched
and the five-buck
“yeah we got it”
“oh god bless”

And don’t you
smell that Holy
smoke drifting
down the stairs?

And hasn’t this table-clothed
altar presided
over meal after meal after

If these walls could talk
they’d be singing
about how much
they’ve seen

And someone said
they heard
those back-door birds
were preaching

Between the bells
and dishes
I lay down on this
worn couch to make
my confession:
I am tired (–
are you?)

Oh beloved home,
wood-creaking cathedral,

Bless this donated rice
and vitamin c,
bless this
bless your swinging doors,
our hearts
(aren’t they all
in transition?)

Cast away
quick anger,

May we be welcomed as
the guests we all
are here

May we live each day
as a prayer


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